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Our Story

When Uncle Sam brought us to Northeast Florida in the fall of 2000, we had no idea that we would miss Texas BBQ so much!!  Many of our church and neighborhood friends, colleagues, and associates tried, in vain, to satisfy our homesick palettes by introducing us to many of the local chains and ‘pits.’ While their efforts were noteworthy, we simply became more desperate for the tastes of home!  Eventually, we couldn’t take it anymore.                      

We managed to rustle up some mesquite wood, and acquired a lean brisket. After the grill was fired up, we set about amassing a spread (including baked beans, potato salad, and all the trimmings) that would make any Texan proud!  After pondering the array of sauces available on the market, we decided to solidify the educational experience by whipping up a delectable sauce from scratch.

The results were simply extraordinary!!  Our friends became well-educated on the culinary delights of Texas-style BBQ, and at their insistence, our concoction became the most requested holiday gift for the next several years. The demand continued to grow, and it soon became difficult to keep up with the orders. It was readily apparent that the operation had to be expanded. Thankfully, the local vendors and purveyors were plentiful, and

G-Dub’s BBQ & Steak Sauce was officially introduced to the market in the Summer of 2004.

Since it’s inception, G-Dub’s has been an invited guest to countless BBQs and holiday outings, numerous household refrigerators, and many fine retailers.  Perhaps the most significant accomplishment:  

G-Dub’s has been a requested condiment aboard AIR FORCE ONE since 2005!! 

You see, our friend, you are about to sample a product of unsurpassed quality, but be forewarned...it might be addictive!!


Quantities Available

        • 5 oz. glass (bottle or case)
        • 12 oz. glass (bottle or case)
        • Gift packs (seasonal)
        • ½ gallon plastic jugs (case)
        • 1 gallon plastic jugs (case) 

Please feel free to contact us or your local distributor/retailer for special pricing and volume discounts.  No order too small or large. 

Consider us for:

    • Retail/Resale
    • Gifts
    • Fundraising
      • Churches
      • Schools
      • Civic groups
      • Organizations
      • Clubs
    • Parties
    • Much, much more!!


"Go ahead. Experience a taste of the Lone Star State with G-Dub's Sauces.  The smells and flavors of Texas country cooking will dance with your taste buds in an unimaginable way!!  The sauce is fantastic as a grilling marinade or table dipping sauce, and you’ll enjoy it on all meats and fowl!! 

"I personally guarantee it!!" 


-aka "G-Dub"


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